MNA statement on the Affordable Care Act

Contact: Sara Wallenfang; 517-974-4966

The following statement regarding the Affordable Care Act can be attributed to John Armelagos, RN, President of the Michigan Nurses Association:

While the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, repealing it, especially without a well-thought out replacement, will cause chaos and put lives in danger. A hasty repeal would leave millions of Americans uninsured, raise healthcare costs for everyone and remove important protections against insurance industry abuses.  Rather than repealing the ACA, leaders should be talking about truly fixing our broken system so that all Americans can get quality care. That means moving to a single payer system, better known as Medicare for All. Until universal health care can be achieved, the Michigan Nurses Association opposes any attempt to repeal the ACA and reduce the number of people who have access to lifesaving treatments and professional, compassionate health care.


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