MNA Retirement Committee

Newly retired or considering retirement? We’re here to help!


At the 2017 MNA House of Delegates, the Retirement Committee was voted into the MNA bylaws as an official structural unit. This new committee was created as the answer to a problem many retirees are facing – after a lifetime of active membership, what can they do to stay committed to MNA’s projects and goals now that they aren’t working full time? The Retirement Committee has four directives:

  1. Educate members who are about to retire.
  2. Monitor and inform members on legislation.
  3. Mobilize retired healthcare workers to be involved in issues that may affect them.
  4. Establish a group of retirees willing to mentor nursing students and new grads in their local area.


  • Robbi Duda, Chair
  • Becky Baldwin, Vice Chair
  • Diane Goddeeris, Secretary
  • Sharon Bryant
  • Pat Kampmann-Bush

How to get involved

  1. Take the survey! The Retirement Committee has many interests for retired nurses. Find out which fits you while providing information to help improve the work of the Committee.
  2. Continue your involvement with MNA as a Lifetime Member or an Associate Member.

  3. Contact the Retirement Committee. Email Amanda Sabol, Executive Assistant, MNA

What Can retired nurses do?

  • Present information at nursing schools
  • Lobby state and local legislators about nursing legislation
  • Mentor a nursing student
  • Help with national/international disasters
  • Attend MNA continuing education courses FREE.
  • Help with former LBU events, such as rallies, community events and informational pickets

Lifetime membership is free!

  • A Lifetime member is one who is over 62 years of age, is not a current LBU member, and has been a member of MNA for a total of 30 years, or
  • retired from an LBU with 15 years or more of LBU
    membership, and
  • whose application for Lifetime membership has been accepted.


  • A retired member is one who is a registered nurse who is retired, or
  • A retired health professional previously represented by MNA in an LBU, and
  • whose application for Retired membership has been accepted, and
  • who has paid the Retired member one time membership fee

Upcoming Events

(L-R) Lori Batzloff, RN and Becky Baldwin, RN (ret.) from Borgess RN Staff Council rally for Health Care for All.

Want to volunteer but your registered nurse license has lapsed?
Here’s how to get a volunteer license!

Your volunteer license will allow you to:

  • Donate your expertise for health care and treatment of the indigent and needy in Michigan
  • Donate your expertise for medically underserved areas in Michigan (this includes immunizations/tests for COVID-19)

You will not be allowed to:

  • Accept payment or compensation, either direct or indirect
  • Work outside your scope of practice

To get your volunteer license, fill out and submit this form.  Contact the Retirement Committee if you looking for volunteer opportunities!

How to Prepare for Retirement

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